The Evolving Internet

Never before have we been able to produce video and other multimedia content with such high quality, and in such abundance. But, more and more, the bottleneck of the current delivery systems becomes painfully apparent.

Simply making video, whether television series, commercials, or features, and trying to get it onto mainstream media is not enough today, as our viewers start switching to on-demand systems, or looking to other, internet-based channels for their entertainment and information needs.

Luke Stevenson has worked with Nothin But Shorts International on a number of projects, including this website showcasing their work. Other projects have included an online sales platform allowing episodes of Wild Racers to be purchased and downloaded by viewers.

But, Luke Stevenson does more than that. They can offer social media integration and management, development of standalone websites or microsites, coaching on how to manage your websites inhouse, website and email hosting, mixed-media campaigns, and all your digital needs.

The internet is evolving every day, and getting ahead of the wave can be a challenge. But it is a challenge that Luke Stevenson can assist you with.