New Zealand 9

In a race against time, three adventurers will set a
new speed record by completing New Zealand’s nine
Great Walks faster than they’ve ever been done
before, using human power alone. It’s the ultimate
adventure race. They’ll kayak 145km, ride 80km
and run over 300km in just nine days.

Tour Across Oz

Follow a passionate group of bike riders as they cycle from Adelaide to Darwin, across Australia to raise awareness for Mental Health via the black Dog Institute. We document their journey from land and Air and uncover some amazing stories along a very long road.

RAAM Bam, Thank you, Ma’am

In July 2015, four elite cyclists embarked on a special challenge – to be the first all-female Australian team to compete in the Race Across America (RAAM). Riding 4,828 kilometers through 12 states, 88 counties, 350 communities and across every type of terrain the United States could provide: arid deserts; the incredible plains of Middle America; mountain ranges and beautiful coastlines.

This is not just a cycling rally – this is a race. Non-stop. Day & night. Pushing bodies and machines to their absolute limits, and beyond. Join us as we follow these incredible athletes on a record-breaking journey.

Tsartse – The Hidden Mountain

Come on an adventure to one of Nepal’s most uncharted regions to attempt an unclimbed peak named Tsartse. Join adventurers Pete and Brad as they go well off the unbeaten path to discover there is more to mountaineering than simply reaching the summit. After all its the journey as much as the destination.

Chasing Altitude


Mike Allsop is a regular family man with an extraordinary ambition: to be the first person to run a marathon distance higher than any other human has ever done before. In the shadow of Mount Everest Mike will attempt to run the World’s Highest Marathon. World’s Highest Marathon is about Mike’s journey crossing over some of the the most revered mountain passes of the Himalayans, fighting extreme temperatures and atmospheric pressure. How does Mike deal with the personal, physical and mental challenge of this remarkable pursuit?

Japan Cup – Cycle Classic

Each year the world’s elite cyclists descend on Utsonomia in Japan for the iconic weekend known as the Japan Cup. For the first time ever we place cameras on the bikes of this UCI sanctioned Pro Peloton Event and take an exclusive look behind the scenes as we spend the entire race with the Saxo-Tinkoff pro cycle team all exclusively for SBS Television Australia, Telstra Australia and

Aussie 8

3 athletes, 8 mountains, 8 states in 8 days. A world first documentary that follows this unprecedented journey of three regular guys as they attempt to be the first to accomplish this staggering of tasks. Live and breath first had all the epic moments, stunning scenery and drama as this adventure unfolds.

Merrell Adventure Addicts

This one hour feature documentary highlights a year in the lives of one of the world’s most elite adventure racing teams. Like never before we go up close and personal to discover the inner workings of this group of highly motivated extreme athletes. Across four continents and countless kilometers this is the ultimate adventure for a team of four to endure.

The Hill – Climbing Mount Everest

It’s a personal journey for an elite few that get to attempt to climb the worlds highest peak. Filmed from a very first person perspective we join the regular people that put their lives on the line to live out a dream. It’s unlike any Everest documentary every made and as real as real can get.

Australian 4 Day Moto-X

We take a unique look behind the scenes and amidst all the action of the Australian 4 Day Moto Enduro Classic. It’s a very unique coverage of this iconic event where we learn about not only the athletes but the teams, fans and much more.