Rush – MotoGP

These athletes push their machines and their bodies to the limits of human endurance. They work in some of the most dangerous environments on the planet. A partnership between athlete and team that depends solely on their expertise, talent and resolve, but still does not put them in the drivers seat. Their team, family and fans make force the ultimate balance to a most fascinating journey in a feature documentary on the first MotoGP race to be held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for 99 years.

Bunda – Master Jeweler

BUNDA the name, represents an iconic legacy to the highest jewellery design in the world. We take a very very exclusive look in this feature documentary at the creation of their elite couture collection. Follow the process as some of the worlds most precious gems are hand crafted into some very collectable pieces of jewellery.

Maritimo Master Boat Builders

Maritimo still to this day are one of the worlds most prestigious boat designers, builders and manufacturers creating some of the most exquisite motoring craft around. We take a very up close and personal look at the process of creating such masterpieces. In an unbridled look we hear from the master craftsmen themselves and really learn and see what it takes to be at the elite level of motor craftsmanship.

Dance Of The Champions

This annual event which we produce for Channel 10 Australia showcases the best young dance groups in Australia. Following on from a National search the finale event brings the best of the best together on one night to dance off for the ultimate accolade in the school of dance.

Superset Tennis

For the first time ever the world’s past and present elite tennis stars meet in a one set winner takes all knockout tennis tournament at Wembley arena in the UK. Our cameras also get exclusive insights from these greats of the game as tot he future of this iconic sort.

Subaru X-Games

For the first time ever go behind the scenes with Travis Pastrana and the Subaru USA Rally team at their first ever X Games. Experience all the drama that goes along with this extreme level of racing. Meet first hand Ken Block well before his new found fame as well as many other greats from the world of Rally as they open up to our cameras.

New Blood

Based deep in the heard of Los Angeles, Roland Sands and his team at Performance Machine create some of the planets most exotic performance motorcycles. In a World First legendary MotoGP racer Kenny Roberts gives Roland a MotoGP engine to custom build the Worlds first MotoGP powered street bike. This is their story as only we can capture in an amazing exclusive program which aired internationally.