EVEREST AIR – World’s Highest Rescue

In 2016 I not only established the WORLDS FIRST SHERPA RESCUE TEAM on Mt Everest, though found myself in the Series for the Travel Channel USA. This is one of the full Episodes that saw me lead the team to one of the highest rescues ever recorded.

the bay games

Over 600 everyday athletes came together and competed in the country’s first ever functional fitness festival. Jervis Bay, NSW is home to The Bay Games, a two-day event that pushes these weekend warriors to their limits and beyond. Our cameras where there.

Everest Air

Standing at a jaw-dropping 29,035 feet above sea level, Mount Everest is a climber’s trophy that many risk their lives to conquer, including a new high-altitude helicopter rescue team led by Jeff Evans & Base Camp Rescue Manager Anthony Gordon. “Everest Air” follows the real-life adventures of Evans and his skilled team of Sherpas and helicopter pilots, providing a rare glimpse into the exhilarating encounters and unrivalled majesty of the mountain. Airs on The Travel Channel USA.
by Creators & Executive Producers Anthony Gordon & Bud Brutsman

Wild Racers


Wild Racers represents a continual evolution of adventure television.
Our cameras venture to the far reaches of the globe covering the most
exceptional adventure athletes on the planet. For 24 HD Episodes.

From the New Zealand through Ecuador and the jungles of Costa Rica,
Switzerland, South Africa and Australia over thousands of miles of gruelling
mountain biking, hiking, mountain running and logistical challenges.

Broadcast to over 30 million viewers globally.

No second chances, no support and nowhere to go but the finish line.
We follow three elite teams from Sweden, USA, South Africa, New
Zealand and Australia along a journey that has to be seen to be

Following the brutal and dramatic journey we take the viewers on the
most gruelling of all challenges, the ARWS World Series through our
series “Wild Racers”.

Next Wave

Living in a country with spectacular beaches, Australia has produced more than its fair share of sporting greats when it comes to surfing. But, as we all know, there is no such thing as an overnight success when dealing with a sport which can be extremely demanding. This series, produced for Channel 10 Australia, followed some of the brightest upcoming stars as they train and compete in competitions, hoping to one day be lauded as the best surfer since Kelly Slater.

Subaru National Road Cycling Series

Over 17 rounds throughout Australia our crew followed the exciting action of Australia’s Premiere Road Cycling Series for SBS Television. In addition to the weekly programs there were nightly news feeds and media edits dons entirely on the road on a daily basis. Coupled with the race coverage we went behind the scenes with feature teams each round showing the National audience what life Is like on the road with this dynamic group of athletes.

Wild Racers

Wild Racers follows the brutal and dramatic journey of the AR World Series; the most gruelling form of adventure racing. This high-adrenaline series visits New Zealand, Tasmania, Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa and Switzerland. In this level of adventure racing there are no second chances, no support crews and nowhere to go but the finish line. It is thousands of miles of hard-core mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, running and logistical challenges. Experience the training, racing, lives and dramas of the world’s elite, with teams from the Switzerland, Costa Rica, South Africa, Ecuador, New Zealand and Australia.

The toughest individuals on the planet go head to head against each other and what nature can dish up. The journey, the tears and the triumphs are all captured in high definition by ground crew, rigged racing equipment, stunning aerial footage and candid cameras amongst the teams.

Real Estate Investments

We take a look at not only very unique properties but the stories of those agents that sell them. It takes a very unique individual to exist in the ever relentless world of property. We discover what makes them tick, motivates and inspires them and much, much more.

Cheers For Beers

Over 12 Weeks on Fox Sports, filming in 6 Pubs our Host gives away 40 Golden Cans giving entrants a chance in winning Australia’s largest beer prize, a years supply of beer delivered to their door.

Journeys: Route 66

The beauty of “Journeys” is that a story can be of as wide or narrow scope as decided by the program itself. We will never fail to ‘get down and get dirty’ with the local people, as opposed to presenting clean cut, somewhat distant, and often false images, of the places visited.

‘Journeys’ is in fact a REAL ‘Reality Show’ because it shows people in their natural environments, as opposed to observing them in false and strange environments. You don’t shoot a wildlife documentary in a zoo do you?

Every person has a story to tell. The key is how that story is told. Open the ‘Journeys’ storybook and discover the world as you’ve never seen it before.