In 2020 the world changed forever. The challenges of social distancing, self-isolation and lockdowns were tough for us all.

Australia, by virtue of its isolation and vast spaces, has been spared the worst effects of the pandemic, while most global communities still wrestle with the impact of Covid-19.

As a result of Australian Ultra Runner Pat Farmer’s vision, 8 of the worlds best runners come together to run 1000 miles casting a message of hope.

There are few experiences in life that can transform a person more than entering the ocean. From the moment

a child sets foot in the water through to an adult submerging themselves, the experience is transformative, even

in some cases life changing. These are some of those stories.

One man’s journey on a bicycle from Australia’s Darwin to Adelaide non-stop. Rupert Guinness and his bicycling expedition shows the ultimate face of human endurance and perseverance.


In 2016 I not only established the WORLDS FIRST SHERPA RESCUE TEAM on Mt Everest, though found myself in the Series for the Travel Channel USA. This is one of the full Episodes that saw me lead the team to one of the highest rescues ever recorded.


When establishing VRAAM it was essential to have the best Technology Partners – we chose SUUNTO … this short film was part of the journey.


a small look behind the walls of one of Sydney’s leading Real Estate businesses – its about the people.


My film follows the FreeSwim journey of wahine (woman) Ally Davey as she takes on 70km of open ocean around the stunning Coromandel coastline over three days to bring awareness to the protection of New Zealand’s oceans.

It does more than encapsulate stunning vistas and highlight the extraordinary New Zealand environment, but inspires people to be aware of the natural beauty that surrounds them and to protect it before it is too late. It’s an inspirational film, not an activist film. It highlights the wonder of exploration and the intrinsic benefits of getting wet and looking below the surface, championing endurance of the human spirit.

Moana Waiwai translates to Big Ocean, filmed in February and March of 2020 in the remote Northern Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand’s North Island.


ZOOM Microphones bring life to the Virtual Film Mental Miles – on location.


ZOOM Microphones bring life to the Virtual Film Mental Miles


my Microphone has a life of its own in Isolation.